Scotland’s Boarding Schools welcome students from all over the world. Most students who choose Scotland want to be educated in an English-speaking European country with good transport links and they are attracted by Scotland’s safe and friendly reputation,  and the quality of life on offer. Scotland boasts a stunning landscape, a rich cultural heritage and modern vibrant cities.

International students are attracted to Scotland from almost 70 different countries with the highest numbers currently coming from Germany, Mainland China, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, France and Italy.

All 19 boarding schools in Scotland are situated in safe, spacious and idyllic surroundings – all within easy reach of major Scottish cities, airports, the sea and the hills. They offer a purposeful learning environment, high quality teaching, consistently good exam results, lots of opportunities to learn outside the classroom and excellent pastoral care.

Each school has its own distinctive ethos which is why it’s important to find the right school for your family.

So visit Scotland and enjoy the view from some of the best classrooms in the world!


“…The prospect of entering a school far from home was something I was apprehensive about, yet the collection of a diverse mix of welcoming students, house staff (and a weekly meeting with my tutor) made the transition easy…”

Student at Senior School 

“I think the children have always looked on your wonderful staff more as friends and mentors than teachers.”

Parent of Preparatory School Pupil