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Why Fettes?

Fettes College has over 5,000 Old Fettesians who remain in touch with us for one very compelling reason: being educated at Fettes was one of the most important and beneficial aspects of their lives. Fettes is where their confidence was built, horizons broadened, talents nurtured and life-long friendships made. Where they achieved exam success, broke sporting records, were inspired by teachers and learnt the skills which would equip them for later life. To this day, a Fettes education is an incredible start to life.

The Individual

Our mission at Fettes is to develop broadly educated, confident and thoughtful individuals who are prepared for life after Fettes and all the opportunities and challenges it will bring. We are a community which believes in mutual support and co-operation and it is this happy, purposeful environment that encourages boys and girls to flourish and develop fully the skills and interests that they possess.


Fettes College is situated in a private 90 acre wooded campus in the heart of Edinburgh.

Nearest airport: 20 minutes, 7.4 miles

Nearest railway: 10 minutes, 2.5 miles

Further information

24/7 Education

Fettes believes in the benefits of boarding and the positive impact it has on the lives of our students – whether boarding or day. Small class sizes, superb facilities and the luxury of time means that our students have a wealth of opportunities to expand their horizons. Being surrounded by supportive teachers and like-minded contemporaries gives them the encouragement to try their very best in everything they undertake.


The Care and Welfare of our students is fundamentally important to us as we know that a happy, supported child will flourish. Boarding houses are a vital part of boarding life, a caring community of students living together. A wealth of house activities cements the strong bond between housemates, younger pupils learn from older pupils and older pupils take responsibility to care for others.


Fettes is renowned around the world for the quality of education we provide which naturally includes superb academic results. Students study for GCSE and I-GCSEs and then choose between A Levels or the IB. We provide the choice of curriculum simply because this ensures we play to the strengths of all of our students. We are by no means an academic hot house but we do believe that with expert tuition and encouragement, every student can maximise their academic potential.

Uncovering Talents

A Fettes education is however so much more than academic success. The skills and talents of each of our students are recognised and rewarded whether that be in the classroom, on the sports field, in the concert hall, on stage or in the gallery. We are incredibly proud of the level and variety of our students’ achievements – a true reflection of an all-round education. In order to unlock hidden talents and develop existing ones, we provide a wide range of opportunities, experiences and facilities. Our location in the heart of Scotland’s capital city provides a thrilling array of world class galleries, theatres, and sporting venues while only  a short drive away from the wonderful Scottish countryside giving the freedom to sail, climb, walk, ski and cycle.

Proudly Scottish

We often say how proud we are to be Scottish and we fully embrace all that Scotland has to offer us. However, we are never parochial or short sighted. Although the vast majority of our students come from the UK, we have 40 countries around the world represented from both expat families and those whose families live abroad. This gives the Fettes community a unique mix of cultures, outlooks and experiences which adds richness. We very much prepare our students for life in a global society. With the core skills they learn, they are equipped to live, work and succeed anywhere in the world.



Fettes College was confirmed as a ‘sector leading’ school within Scotland from the recent HMIe report with an outstandingly positive set of results. Within the 5 key categories Fettes received the maximum award of ‘excellent’ in four categories with the fifth section being a ‘very good’. In HMIe’s own words this equates to ‘outstanding, sector leading’. We are incredibly proud of the HMIe results which reflect the emphasis we place on underpinning all we do at Fettes College with exceptional pastoral care.

Admissions & Fees

Entry requirements, testing and open days 

After requesting a prospectus, interested families are encouraged to visit Fettes to take a pupil led tour and meet with the Headmaster – visits can be arranged at a time convenient to the family. Overnight taster stays are also available for prospective pupils. Every October there is an Open Day for both the Prep School and The College – a great opportunity to get a feel for Fettes in action. Prep Entry Exams usually take place the February prior to entry. 3rd From Entry exams take place the Feb or March prior to entry. Sixth From Entry exams take place the November prior to entry. Further information is available from the Admissions Office.

Scholarships and bursaries

Fettes College firmly believes that every talented child should be able to receive a Fettes education and all the benefits and opportunities it presents. To ensure that fees are not a barrier, we have a wide range of scholarships, awards and bursaries are available to boys and girls from any background. Fettes College offers a very wide range of scholarships and awards based on merit and there is considerable kudos attached to being a scholar or award-holder. Exams and interviews are used to see who we feel would thrive with us. The following scholarships and awards are available at 11, 13 and 16:

- Academic Scholarships
- All-rounder Awards
- Art Awards
- Music Awards
- Piping Awards
- Sports Awards

Scholarships and other awards cover up to a maximum of 10% of the fees.

Means-tested bursaries are available to anyone who requires support according to financial need and the total reduction available is 100% of the fees. There is a finite amount of funding available each year.

Further information available from Mr Peter Worlledge, Bursar of Fettes College bursar@fettes.com

Boarding fees per term£7530 - £10415
Day fees per term£4820 - £8125