Admissions processes

Application deadlines

Usually, applications for entry at the start of a new academic session in early September
should be received no later than the previous December, since testing is normally done between January and March. However, be aware that some boarding schools have
waiting lists, so early application is strongly recommended, especially for the most popular entry stages which tend to be ages 13 and 16.

 St Marys Preparatory School

Entrance assessments

Students are usually admitted to Scotland’s boarding schools after an assessment test which is done to gain an understanding of each individual’s educational needs, so that the school can assess how it can best meet them. Tests usually take place between January and March although dates vary from school to school.

The Admissions Cycle

September to November: Open days
November to December: Application deadlines
January to March: Assessment tests
June: Induction days
September: Start of the school year