Why should I choose Scotland?

With a good climate, stunning landscape, rich cultural heritage and excellent quality of life, Scotland is a popular choice for students from overseas who wish to be educated in an English-speaking European country with good transport links. International students are attracted to Scotland from countries all around the world although the highest numbers currently come from Germany, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Spain and the United States of America.

Are transport links good?

Yes. Travel to and from Scotland is convenient with international airports in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Direct flights to both airports come from around 90 destinations worldwide. Alternatively, there are convenient one hour transfers to Edinburgh and Glasgow from London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol airports. There are also a number of regional airports around Scotland – in Aberdeen, Prestwick, Inverness and Dundee. Because Scotland is a small country, the proximity and travel time between cities is convenient e.g. Edinburgh to Perth takes one hour.

Will my son / daughter be happy?

Students at Scotland’s Boarding Schools enjoy being part of a secure and supportive community where they can form lifelong friendships, develop their independence and take advantage of many outdoor activities on offer.

Who will care for my son / daughter?

Boarding House Parents create a home from home where every student feels secure and supported. Care is provided around the clock and House Parents quickly get to know each young person as an individual.

Are the qualifications offered internationally recognised?

Yes. Boarding schools in Scotland offer internationally recognised and respected qualifications that equip students for university and life beyond school. Most schools follow the English or Scottish public exam system and a number offer the International Baccalaureate.

What are the boarding facilities like?

Boarding houses are modern, homely and welcoming. Typically, each house has lounge rooms where pupils can relax as well as kitchen facilities and a laundry room, providing some independent living. It is recognised that younger children (usually aged 8+) benefit from the camaraderie of sharing a room while older students (usually mid-teens+) are given greater privacy in twin or single study bedrooms to meet their more demanding study needs. Students are free to personalise their rooms with posters, photos and mementos just as they would at home.

How flexible are the arrangements for boarders?

To accommodate different family circumstances, some boarding schools offer a choice of full, weekly or flexi-boarding.

How are standards met and maintained in Scotland’s Boarding Schools?

In Scotland, all schools are visited by the national schools’ inspection body, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education, which is part of Education Scotland. Schools with boarding facilities are also inspected by the Care Inspectorate (Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland). For more information, see the ‘Inspections’ page.