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St Mary's Preparatory School

St. Mary’s School is an independent, co-educational preparatory school offering an outstanding educational experience to boys and girls from 2 to 13 years.
St. Mary’s is a very happy school, where children are valued and where they are encouraged to develop their communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We aim to foster a genuine love of learning by exploring children’s creative capacities and to develop in each child an understanding of the sometimes complicated but exciting world around them. There is no better place to do this. Come and see for yourself.


St Mary’s is located in the Scottish Borders town of Melrose.

Nearest airport: Edinburgh airport 1 hour (45 miles)

Nearest railway: new railway due to open in September 2015

Further information

In the Boarding House at St Mary’s the happiness and welfare of the children is hugely important. We strongly believe boarding is an integral part of St Mary’s School; greatly enhancing the ethos and strength of the community within the school.

The emphasis is on the children to have fun and experience a diverse range of activities and games. We regularly take part in activities and sports at local centres and make good use of our grounds and the all-weather courts.

Our excellent facilities are regularly updated and were very highly praised by the Care Commission and in our recent inspection by HMIe.

As well as weekly boarding, our flexi-boarding packages offer pupils an ideal opportunity to develop their confidence before moving onto more regular boarding as they move up through the school.

The house staff are committed to helping the children become confident, independent individuals and help create the secure, family feel of the boarding house.

Admissions & Fees

Prospective parents are invited to come to St. Mary’s to meet the Headmaster and to have a tour of the school. Following the visit, parents then decide whether to register their son or daughter for a possible place at the school. Children who are registered are then invited to come to St. Mary’s for a visit to meet their classmates and teacher. During this visit an informal assessment will be carried out, which helps to ensure that children are placed appropriately in the school. Firm places are offered after this visit has taken place, subject to availability.

St. Mary’s is committed to widening access to the school and as such operates a non-selective entry policy.

Bursaries are available each year to a number of pupils who would otherwise be unable, without financial assistance, either to come to St. Mary’s or, if financial circumstances change, to complete their education at St. Mary’s. All awards, which are means tested using a formal statement of financial circumstances, are made at the discretion of the headmaster and Governors of St. Mary’s.

Weekly boarding fees per term£5416 (4 nights, Mon-Thurs)
Day fees per term£3666 - £4616