Visiting & Applying to Board in Scotland

Getting to Scotland is easier than you think.

Our research has revealed that international parents are concerned Scotland is too remote and difficult to get to. But this could not be further from the truth.

Scotland is served by a number of international airports, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, and both major cities are just a one-hour flight from London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol airports.

With over 40 airlines flying direct to Edinburgh International Airport from 100+ destinations worldwide and direct flights to Glasgow International Airport from 90 destinations getting to Scotland could not be easier.  By the time you’ve had a drink, a snack and flicked through the in-flight magazine, you’ve arrived, stress-free, to a warm Scottish welcome!


Schools can accept applications throughout the year, but applications to start the next academic year are usually received no later than the previous December.  Students are usually admitted to Scotland’s boarding schools after an assessment  which is done to gain an understanding of each individual’s educational needs.

When do I register my child at an independent school?

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