Scotland's educational heritage


Scottish education is respected worldwide

Traditionally, Scottish education provided both broad and depth to give students a solid foundation before they specialised at the final stages of their school career and the education systems of a number of other countries have been modelled on Scotland’s.

Today, Scotland is still respected worldwide for its education, including its premier league boarding schools and universities.

Scotland’s universities are internationally renowned for their research, discoveries and innovations including keyhole surgery and the MRI scanner. Today, they lead the way with world-class research and development in the life sciences. Close partnerships between academia and business have helped new industry sectors to emerge and thrive, including renewable energies, medical and digital technologies and the creative industries.



School Alumni

All of Scotland’s boarding schools have alumni who have forged successful careers across the board, from traditional professions such as doctors and lawyers to self-made entrepreneurs. A disproportionately high number of former pupils from Scotland’s independent schools are in the public eye – from high-profile journalists and politicians to Olympic sportsmen and women. However, boarding schools in Scotland admit students of all abilities and seek to enable each individual student to reach their own potential, whatever their abilities.