Come to School in One of the Safest and Friendliest Places in the World

Scotland is a safe, secure and welcoming country with a proud educational heritage already welcoming boarders from across the UK and from over 70 countries from around the world.

As well as a breadth of academic curricula and sector-leading pastoral care, Scotland offers vibrant, urban schools as well as idyllic, rural locations, co-ed or single-sex options. Scottish boarding schools educate the whole child offering an enviable range of outdoors pursuits with the incredible great Scottish outdoors always playing a part.

Scotland is easily accessible by air, train and road and even if you do need to drive a while to get to more remote parts, the scenery is a lot more beautiful than a nose to tail traffic jam!

Our quality of life attracts excellent educators who use our rich cultural heritage to enhance learning outside of the classroom preparing students for their future. Naturally we achieve consistently excellent academic results and entry to the UK and world’s best universities for our students.

So visit Scotland and enjoy the view from some of the best classrooms in the world!