Ardvreck School

Ardvreck is a thriving, independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3-13. With day and full boarding provision from 7 to 13, the school also runs Little Ardvreck which caters to the individual needs of the 3-7 year olds.

Ardvreck is competitive yet compassionate and seeks to unlock the potential in every child. We give each pupil the confidence and self-belief to discover their talents whilst our enriching curriculum helps to inspire a real love of learning and enquiry that goes beyond the classroom.

More importantly, we try to ensure that each child is happy and secure whilst feeling valued and empowered. A sense of service lies at the heart of our school community and pupils at Ardvreck are invariably kind, courteous, hard-working and well-mannered.


Ardvreck School is located in Crieff, Perthshire, with stunning views and access to the beautiful Perthshire countryside. The school is easily accessible with good road links to all major cities in Scotland and onwards by air.

Nearest airports: Edinburgh airport is a 1 hour drive (52 miles). Glasgow airport is 1 hour and 15 minutes away (58 miles).

Nearest train stations: Both Perth and Dunblane stations are a 30 minute drive (17 miles).

Further information

Ardvreck has three distinctive boarding houses with an outstanding provision of pastoral care. The ‘full boarding’ ethos helps children to settle easily and quickly and fully prepares each child for the transition to senior school. We encourage all children to embrace and enjoy the benefits boarding can offer. We aim to create a family environment which encourages responsibility, tolerance and understanding of others and a growing sense of independence. The boarding experience promotes initiative and helps to develop leadership skills.

Ardvreck pupils are active, fit and energetic. All meals are taken in the dining room, which is situated in the main building. Supervised sittings ensure that all the children are able to enjoy the home cooked, wholesome food, cooked by the school’s in-house catering team.

Parents are encouraged to telephone and email as well as visit the school to watch matches, musical recitals and form workshops. Ardvreck boasts exceptional communications between the school and home and is unique in having its own parental website which is updated daily with news and photographs.

Exeats are either side of half term with three in the longer Autumn Term. Daily surgeries and a visiting doctor ensure that all medical aspects of your child’s life are well catered for in a sympathetic environment.

Prior to your child starting boarding, we can ask current boarding families to speak to you to help to reassure you. We will ensure that you are fully aware of the boarding routine for your child so you in turn can reassure them.

Admissions & Fees

Pupils can join Ardvreck at any time between the ages of 3-13. Parents are invited to come and meet the Headmaster. At this stage the family will also be given a tour of the school by two senior pupils.

The next stage of the admission process is for the child to come to the school for a ‘taster’ experience. This ‘taster’ is spread over two days with a night in-between and gives the child a feel for academic lessons, games, extra-curricular activities and the boarding experience. Day pupils can experience either a day taster or a boarding taster. Experience has taught us that these ‘taster’ sessions are invaluable for both the potential pupil and the school and both parties get a good chance to look at each other! Each child is gently assessed during the day both in and out of the classroom so that feedback can be given to the parents.

Once the child has been registered for a place at Ardvreck we will keep you informed of news, updates and changes at the school prior to the child starting. Early registration is recommended to ensure that a place is kept. Prior to the child starting at Ardvreck, they are invited to attend a ‘Welcome Weekend’ in early June. Most pupils start at Ardvreck in the Autumn but pupils can start at any point during the academic year.

Ardvreck holds an informal Open Morning during the early part of the Spring Term as well as an informal Spring Weekend for children of all ages.

Boarding fees per term£6760
Day fees per term£4498
Registration Fee£25