Why Boarding ?

Strathallan School, Perthshire

Strathallan School, Perthshire

Students are welcomed into a positive, nurturing environment where they feel safe and secure, where personal growth is fostered and where they are inspired to give of themselves and to achieve their potential. While exam results are consistently good, the emphasis in boarding schools is on all-round education and the development of the whole person, so that students leave school as confident young people, equipped to make their way in the world.

Other common features of today’s boarding schools are an outward-looking international focus, a strong sense of community and belonging, clearly-defined values and expectations of behaviour, and the fostering of responsible citizenship and respect for others.

Scotland’s boarding schools seek to prepare students for the modern world, not only by giving them a springboard to university, but by equipping them with resourcefulness and resilience that will serve them well in a modern, changing, global world.