Quality of life in Scotland

St Leonards School, St Andrews

St Leonards School, St Andrews

Landscape and climate

Scotland is blessed with a stunning landscape. No matter where in Scotland you are, wild life, beaches, rolling hills, mountains and lochs (lakes) are all within easy reach. Scotland enjoys seasons and a pleasant climate which is moderate although changeable.

Modern vibrant cities

Scotland offers modern, vibrant cities with theatres and the arts, shopping and cafe culture, galleries and museums all easily accessible from any location. Having recently won the titles UK and European Region of the Future, Scotland enjoys a strong and growing economy.

History and heritage

Steeped in a rich and colourful history, visitors can enjoy everything from the stone circles of Scotland’s islands, which date back 5,000 years, to the new Scottish Parliament. A look at Scotland’s past reveals heroes and villains, fallen monarchs and bloody battles. Breath-taking castles, monuments and ruins, churches and cathedrals are here to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Scottish innovation

Scotland and its people have made many significant contributions to humanity, including inventions that have changed the modern world. The telephone, radar, television, the steam engine, penicillin, cervical cancer vaccine, mammal cloning, bicycles, MRI scanner and ‘keyhole’ surgery are all examples of Scottish innovation.

Today, Scotland continues to break new ground, particularly in computer gaming, literature, fashion, textiles, music and animation.